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9 Ways to Make Money with WordPress - vondesiong - 03-08-2020

Creating your website is one thing, and making money is another, totally different aspect. Here’s what you need to know about how to make money with a WordPress powered website.

Self-hosted WordPress websites have been around for about 16 years.

WordPress has been popular among bloggers, freelancers, merchants because of its potential as a good source of profit. This is why WordPress powers 26% of websites on the web, as of November last year. This Content Management System also provides profitable opportunities as people search for WordPress about 2.7 million times every month.

WordPress Overview

So here’s the big question. You’ve finished creating your website on WordPress and now wish to monetize it to make the big bucks. You’ve been asking yourself the following questions.

How do I make money with WordPress?
How to make money blogging?
What niche should I be targeting?
What source and blog monetization method should I focus on?
What is the best way to make money blogging through my website?
What audience do I need to be selling to?
There are a lot of ways that can help you in monetizing a blog, I will focus on nine popular ways of making money with WordPress by creating your own website.

Table of Content
Join An Affiliate Program and Start Blogging for Money
Monetizing a Blog by Selling E-books to Your Audience
Make Money with WordPress by Creating and Selling Online Courses
Generate Revenue with Sponsored Posts/Reviews
Blog Monetizing through Premium Membership
Blogging for Money by Selling Physical Products to Your Audience
Develop Themes and Plugins
Start Video/Audio Podcasts
WordPress Maintenance Services
Join An Affiliate Program and Start Blogging for Money
When talking about how to make money with WordPress, a 37-year-old Affiliate marketer; Jason Stone made $7 million in affiliate marketing revenue in a single year. Similarly, Awin, a global affiliate network made over $700 million in 2018.

This gives reason to earn as an affiliate through a number of ways. Joining an affiliate program helps connect with other affiliates that aim to earn using similar strategies.

Why Opt for Affiliate Marketing?
Make money with affiliate marketing

You’re probably wondering how does one earn through affiliate marketing? The answer is staying consistent and having patience… that’s the key to success!

Your Role as an Affiliate Marketer
You’ll need to partner up with companies and then recommend their products and services to an audience that follows you online. It’s similar to marketing through word of mouth, however, this is on a digital landscape. Every time someone buys a product through the link you have posted, the company will pay you a commission on the purchase.

You must know how to gain popularity. There are many YouTubers, forums, and discussion groups that can help you connect with other affiliates out there.

Like a lot of affiliate marketing programs, Cloudways affiliate program is a good place to boost your earnings. Once you sign up and get started, the first part of working as an affiliate is becoming familiar with the platform. An explanation of this is in the knowledge base section. This program can help you make passive income consistently for a long time.

In case you need any help you can visit the affiliate FAQ’s page or send an email at [email protected]

Monetizing a Blog by Selling E-books to Your Audience
Ebooks can help in blogging for money and monetizing your writing skills. This is one of the breakthroughs that technology brings home. As a writer, you’d initially have to go through a publishing house, a printing press and finally a distribution center to get your book out there for readers to buy.

That all has changed now, as you no longer need to go through the entire chain, and just run the same process through a computer.

Collection of books

If you’re considering making money with WordPress, creating ebooks and selling them it’s low in capital and cost in terms of storage space, printing cost, and delivery fee. Thus, creating and selling an ebook is already measurable and convenient.

So, you’re probably wondering how to make money blogging by creating and selling your ebook?
The steps required to create an ebook and making money on WordPress are quite straightforward, however, additions to these steps depend on the complexity of the ebook’s subject. For instance, if you’re writing about general health tips for an average 30-year-old, it could be simple and straightforward. The content of your ebook will most likely contain a nutrition table, listicle of food to snack on during the day, types of exercise and examples of people that are adopting this lifestyle.

Planning an ebook

However, if you’re going into a more sophisticated subject matter, like ‘Know when to sell your stocks’, the subject matter will require more explanation. The complications here are adding more people to the content creation and editing process to make the content more easily understandable.

Usually, the writer runs the ebook chapters through an editor to be able to get a third-person perspective. A graphic designer is then added to the process to add appropriate diagrams, charts and visual aid where necessary. Finally, the ebook’s draft goes through an overall review from a subject matter expert to ensure that the writer covers all parameters of the subject.

Knowing how to create an ebook is one thing, but knowing how to sell one is an important part. Ebooks don’t necessarily need to have a direct price tag for readers to buy. However, here’s how to monetize a blog through ebooks and start making money with WordPress.

RE: 9 Ways to Make Money with WordPress - Appugowda - 03-17-2020

A growing population means growing competition. Every other person has their own kind of an innovative mind. Yet, no matter how good you think you are, there’s always going to be someone who comes up with better ideas than you, some might have better resources than you, and some might be more competent. There are many ways to make money online. The best one is to create a website & make money through affiliate marketing. Other than there are several ways to make money online.

streaming on youtube
Start your own website.
Affiliate marketing.
Surveys and searches and reviews.
Virtual assistantship.
Online tutoring.
Selling e-books
Online coaching

RE: 9 Ways to Make Money with WordPress - johnnyy - 04-10-2020

Thanks for the useful info! So timely