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Introduction - pacrad - 12-14-2016

Hello Everyone, I am new here in this Forum!!!

RE: Introduction - Clive - 11-07-2017

Hello, pacrad, Its nice to see that you are a new member of this forum. My name is Clive and I would love to welcome you here. I am a traveling lover as I am going to be on the las vegas tour packages to have a fun time. What are your hobbies/ Do you share here?

RE: Introduction - Asabell - 11-19-2017

Hi pacrad! It is really great to have you here. will like to say you warmly welcome here and wish you a great stay here in this forum for sure.

RE: Introduction - Flora - 11-21-2017

[Image: 6a5bcad37bbf9973402890f576a260d1.gif]
pacrad ! I am happy to see you have joined this community and my name is Flora, i am girl. I am also a biggest freak of traveling and i want to know your wants and your hobbies about, Can you share with me your hobbies names.

RE: Introduction - RuchikaShah - 11-23-2017

Hiii, I am new to here.

Glad to meet u all.

RE: Introduction - Nancy - 11-27-2017

Hi, pacrad! Good to see you here as a member of this board and being a member of this board love to say you welcome here and quite sure that you will have a good time at there with all members and get and share massive stuff at here.

RE: Introduction - Shilpa111 - 12-29-2017

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RE: Introduction - Jackie - 01-02-2018

i am so sure that this will be so much stunning and best time for having some fun there ahead always. I will like to have such charming time there ahead for sure more and more ahead as it.

RE: Introduction - jackalbert - 01-04-2018

(12-14-2016, 12:59 AM)pacrad Wrote:  Hello Everyone, I am new here in this Forum!!!

Hi pacrad, nice to meet you. By the way what do you do.

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RE: Introduction - Atulksingh - 01-10-2018

Welcome to this forum. Hope you still good performance.

RE: Introduction - Jackie - 01-11-2018

I am just so sure that this will be so much stunning time for sure ahead as it. I can have such charming time there more and more ahead. It will be the amazing time for sure.