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blog commenting - razibpaul821 - 02-02-2016

For blog commenting of upwork or different marketplace Simply blog comments are two types no follow blog comment and do follow blog comment.Dofollow blog comments pass link juice but nofollow link not use by google to pass link juice.So the blog commenting is a fantastic way to create backlink building for SEO drive targeted traffic to your website.

RE: blog commenting - RH-Calvin - 02-05-2016

Blog commenting is an off page seo technique that helps to generate good traffic to your website. Blog comments provide with no follow backlinks that are helpful to redirect traffic to your website.

RE: blog commenting - approveme - 07-24-2016

Blog Commenting should be perfect. So you can get more back links. Always use keyword between your comments. Always find latest and right blogs. Only Comment if You Have Something Valuable to Add to the Discussion. These little things surely help you to get traffic to your site and making valuable back links.

RE: blog commenting - seojesica - 07-27-2017

Yes, You are sharing very informative tips, I like very much to do-follow blog comment.

RE: blog commenting - seo ppc - 05-10-2018

Blog commenting is very helpful for site ranking in google by doing comments of relevant blog can increase the traffic of your website and also increase the ranking of your website.

RE: blog commenting - Sumit_Kumar - 05-11-2018

Blog Commenting considered spammy if you are doing this for backlinks