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Google Android Application...? - snafaujdar - 04-29-2014

Hello friend,

Please suggest me, How To Write Your First Google Android Application...?

RE: Google Android Application...? - ssgmark - 06-19-2014

Taken in totality, Google make what I consider to be the best thing on the market even better, helped enormously owning the entire end-to-end experience.

RE: Google Android Application...? - Valeripanse - 09-28-2014

1. Download the Android SDK
2. Install ADT plugin for Eclipse for Eclipse IDE
3. Downlaod latest SDK tools and platforms using SDK Manager.

4. Create a project with Eclipse clicking New in toolbar
5.Open Android folder, select Android Application Project and click Next.
6. Fill Application Name, Project Name and Package Name, Minimum required SDK,Target SDK and Compile with.
Click Next
7. Configure the project, leave the default selections and click Next.
8. Next screen will help to create a launcher icon for your app.Click Next.
9. Select activity template from which to begin building the app.Select Blank Activity for this first project and click Next.
Leave all details for the activity in their default state and click Finish.

RE: Google Android Application...? - om2580 - 11-13-2014

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RE: Google Android Application...? - LeoPrivacy - 11-13-2015

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RE: Google Android Application...? - beasty513 - 11-15-2015

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RE: Google Android Application...? - E S AKSHAY - 06-14-2016

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RE: Google Android Application...? - E S AKSHAY - 06-14-2016

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RE: Google Android Application...? - Ellenstevens - 08-15-2017


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RE: Google Android Application...? - vondes - 10-10-2017

In what android version we can run a mobile-phone-tracker ?