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What is love? - nayeem - 12-02-2013


RE: What is love? - imangelina - 12-06-2013

Love means a special attraction, affection, weakness, dedication, sacrifice etc. Smile

RE: What is love? - nadabook14 - 06-24-2014

Love is the attraction which attract us without any reason. In love we make attention in our relationship. we try to fulfill all the basic need of our lovers, and try to stay with all the time him or her.

RE: What is love? - RyanMahi - 07-24-2014

Love means a great interest and pleasure on someone or something.

RE: What is love? - marclewis - 08-06-2014

Love is simply called attraction and you like to share your feelings and emotions with that person.

RE: What is love? - WatsonFrank - 08-29-2014

Love is when u find someone else is more important than anything else in your life. You you can n't take a single breath without thinking about that person that is love.................

RE: What is love? - mobile_app - 09-09-2014

Whenever we ask, “What is love?” it’s usually because a) we’re unsure if a certain special someone really loves us, or b) because a certain special someone just accused us of not really loving them

RE: What is love? - adamkevinlee - 09-23-2014

Love is a good feeling in between of two members, There is no words to express our love on our lovable one we just feel it.

RE: What is love? - monika64 - 10-20-2014

Love is every persons state of being. But people tend to disconnect to it due to greed, materialism, ego...

RE: What is love? - JordanReid - 11-03-2014

People may share many synonyms for love. But, those synonyms will never replace love. Love is love only and it is worth to feel and it is worth to experience. It is not attraction, it is not affection, and it is nothing like that. Love is the world of two individuals and no one can taste the sweetness of that world.

RE: What is love? - happyfest - 01-30-2015

Love is great feeling of being together with someone you are close enough to share everything about yourself. Happy Valentines Day to all of you in advance

RE: What is love? - boysingh - 01-30-2015

That was too advanced, right? But anyway the thought counts, so Happy Valentines Day to you also.

RE: What is love? - DanielLee5 - 02-09-2015

Love is about giving, not taking. It has neither beginnings nor endings. I discovered what it is when I met my wife for the first time. Funny thing I saw her picture at online dating site ( https://mymagicbrides.com ). The next morning I realized I want to be with this person, couldn't stop thinking of her. Later she confessed she felt just the same feelings.

RE: What is love? - amery - 02-18-2015

Love means care... and care means love Wink

RE: What is love? - advertinfo07 - 03-12-2015

Love makes two into one, and one into two.