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RE: Nokia vs Samsung - Md Sumon - 04-28-2016

Nokia camera is better for me .

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - admissionq - 04-28-2016

hardware : Nokia
software : Samsung
Style : Samsung
connectivity : Samsung

i don't like both as you give these options only i am advising you Samsung but if you want my opinion i go for Micromax because of low budget, style, good hardware & software

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - E S AKSHAY - 06-01-2016

I think Nokia is better than samsung because it is the first phone which got the maximum public score so nokia is the best but now a days samsung is growing with a fast speed in market................................

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - E S AKSHAY - 06-13-2016

Yes!! Samsung is the best than any other..............................

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - saharhostnile - 07-13-2016

(12-04-2013, 03:33 PM)hasib.bd Wrote:  Nokia don't have android yet. But now a days people like android, so samsung is better.

[Image: 1460319167.jpg]

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - khushbu123 - 07-14-2016


Samsung is the best handset brand .

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - E S AKSHAY - 07-21-2016

Samsung is the best...............................

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - packersamovers - 08-02-2016

The Nokia Lumia series are great phones, though they are Windows phones. They are not nearly as customizable as Android devices, but do have some great features. As for Samsung, they are one of the biggest and best manufacturers of mobile devices in the world. Particularly the Galaxy series, are amazing devices.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - Ittraining - 08-02-2016

I thing samsung...


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RE: Nokia vs Samsung - mary JOHN - 08-09-2016

Thank for sharing with us...................................

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - BenjamineDupont - 08-09-2016

Samsung is more fashion, Nokia is more steady Smile

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - selvaa4n - 08-12-2016

nokia battery is best then samsung battery.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - phptraining - 08-15-2016

I thing Samsung is best smartphone, I am also using Samsung mobile...


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RE: Nokia vs Samsung - mary JOHN - 08-18-2016

1. Nokia is a traditional brand; Its logo is “connecting people”
2. Samsung is a young brand; Its new logo is “with Samsung it’s not that hard to imagine
3. Nokia is considered of a very high quality by segment of consumer between 20 to 50 years of age
4. Samsung is considered of a medium high quality by segment of consumer between 15 to 35 years of age.
5. Nokia has consentrated its efforts on design forgetting that function is more important
6. Samsung has spent money on the latest high tech device. It has exploited technology and produced increasingly small hand set.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - selvaa4n - 08-28-2016

nokia is my favorite mobile,nokia is best compared to all mobiles.