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RE: Nokia vs Samsung - jaskour9 - 09-07-2015

Nokia's hand sets are best for use.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - reenaroy - 09-09-2015

both are good even i used both but i like Nokia .

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - hafijali - 09-10-2015

i like samsungs hand sets. because i am using samsung.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - loveguruindia - 09-11-2015

i like nokia . so i am with nokia

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - Foxit - 09-14-2015

Samsung without doubt is better than Nokia.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - rosario1990 - 09-14-2015

Nokia was my first love. Now samsung is my favorite.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - karan - 10-04-2015

Nokia is always be a best brand of cellphones.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - Raven24 - 10-28-2015

Nokia is better than Samsung and one of the most reliable Phones.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - fricaso - 11-01-2015

Nokia is great and imo carries much more trust. But it has the common problem where you must not load it with so many apps,otherwise is great.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - beasty513 - 11-15-2015

LEO Privacy Guard is one of the best security app till now that i have used.
It not only provide locking facility on the various app present on mobile
but also delete the apps which are not in use and takes the space present in phone.
It also act as administrator of phone and tells us about the amount of battery present.
Also gives us the beautiful themes to use on our phone. It also takes backup of various apps.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - henrylos - 11-29-2015

Nokia was best than Samsung mobile phone.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - asd123 - 03-17-2016

Nokia is the best. My first mobile is Nokia and I am quite satisfied. My experience in Samsung is not good because of its poor software.

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - Davi Dutta - 03-18-2016

Both companies are top class. But, while comparing I think Samsung is best because nowadays people like Andorid phones and Nokia phones are window based phone .

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - williamjohn - 04-03-2016

Nokia is my all time favorite

RE: Nokia vs Samsung - Davi Dutta - 04-06-2016

I think Samsung is best because Nokia is not a smart phone and nowadays everybody needs smart phone.