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Full Version: case for iphone
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Are you using a case for your iPhone?
Good morning! I used to hate using phone cases. I thought that what is the point then to choose a beautiful phone of a certain color, if then all the time you will carry it in a box. And in general, technology is there to serve. If your smartphone fell and could not withstand the fall, then this is its full potential and there is only one way out - buy a new one. But my opinion changed when I bought myself an iPhone 12 Pro Max. As soon as I took it in my hands, I immediately realized that I would be very sorry if it gets scratched or falls to the floor. Therefore, on the same day I ordered a protective case for myself www.casecoinc.com/collections/iphone-12-pro-max-cases, which by part-time also serves as my wallet. By the way, this is very convenient.
Yes, I do. I don't want my phone to be crashed someday. I also use mobile phone holder, it's also really convenient, especially when you're taking photos.
I don't have any case now
But I have found many cool apps for iphone.My favorite one is call recorder for iphone, with its help you can save any incoming and outgoing call in seconds and easily turn all phone conversations into handy voice notes for later use.What could be better. Best app ever