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Full Version: I'm planning on launching my site, I need to get this squared away ASAP. Thanks!
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So I looked at managed WP hosting, thinking a 'cloud' option may let the site grow to 500 members or so & weather traffic spikes - and then I can move it to something more permanent. So I'm really not sure which way to go - and perhaps it's because I don't understand hosting that well. A distributed grid sounds cool, but does it work in practice? Is eventually getting a dedicated server unavoidable? What the hell do sites that have a lot of members and traffic do?

What can you say about Hostry.com web hosting?
All advice will be appreciated - I'm planning on launching my site, I need to get this squared away ASAP. Thanks!
I manage a nonprofit organization and 10 other websites. Hostry.com is the best hosting provider that i have ever work with. I found them in the hosting forums, one of the best references in the internet for webmasters, i have questions but i began to work with them and I'm very happy. I have websites hosted in Ukraine and Latvia - everything works smoothly.
As a nice alternative, suggest you checking exmasters.com website hosting solutions. It is a well-known reliable host with stable servers in Europe and the USA.
They have top-notch customer service, responding to trouble tickets immediately and consistently.
The service is absolutely wonderful. I recommend QHoster.com to all of my friends all the time.
The server uptime is perfect. The packages include so many useful features and great resources.