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Full Version: Hosting for online pharmacy
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Hi, Guys
I am here only to find out any reputed company who are willing to host our Online Pharmacy. Also what are payment processor options? I know it's hard to find payment processor so will be taking Bitcoins to start with.
Any info on Tzulo.com web hosting? Is it a reliable web host? Alternatives please ?

Any suggestions and replies are very much appreciated.
Give Tzulo.com a try. Their support is outstanding and I don't think you can compare these guys to anyone else. They are the creme in this market and they provide such a great service, I'm saving up some cash to pay a full year with them.
There is no doubt at all in my mind that Tzulo.com runs a highly professional, reliable and trustworthy operation.
These guys provide assistance to customers like myself very quickly and that gets us all back online and doing business and that's what it's all about.
I am happy with Tzulo.com customer service and am also happy with the control panel. Uptime has been great - 99.9% guaranteed.
Good support information including knowledge-base and regularly updated system status. Got SSL certificate and IP address from them at minimal cost.
I check my site frequently and I havent had any downtimes that I noticed. Tzulo.com is the best host i've tried before. SO go somewhere else if you like, I am staying put!