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Full Version: Hidden batch - execute batch without showing the command prompt
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[Image: HarphPd.jpg]

Hidden batch is a pre-configured exe that executes a batch file without showing the command prompt window to the user. 100% FUD and with the possibility to edit the bat file.

How to Edit
1) Create a bat.bat file with your batch code
2) Open the "Hidden batch.exe" with WinRAR
3) Update the exe with your bat.bat file
4) That's it

Note: The batch file must not have any user interaction because the batch is not visible to the user.

Note 2: This code is part of Batch Generator by Privateloader, get your copy before it goes dark.


Virus Scan:
Not Send for analysis to avoid detection.
This Payload first should be used with external exes to retrieve info and then exfiltrates in a single file via FTP. The file saved.txt will contain the info to extract from the computer and uploaded to the FTP server. The file cannot be deleted from the original server. For stealthness a user should use their own FTP account.