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Full Version: Do you play video games?
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Hey mate, Do you play video games?
If yes which video games do you play?
If yes which video games do you play?
yes, I'm fond of gaming and I can spand hours playing different games online. Esp I like bitcoin video slots where I can win coins fast. Very cool slots, they offer bonuses for new players.
Yeah, definitely a lot of gamers out here!!
I have made these guides for new/old players who want to get better at the games. There are settings and gears for what you can use to get better. I hope you guys find it helpful and useful!
I want to write some guides about gaming and get into gaming media. Let me know if I missed something. Big Grin
It's hard to find people nowadays who don't ))))
I can’t say that I often play video games, it’s just that it doesn’t relax me. It's easier for me to go see some porn. Porn really helps me relax. Usually I watch sex live streams on the site firecams.com cams. There are many interesting categories here, so take a look, maybe you will like it
I don’t like video games . It is just a waste of time
yeah i love video games like Far Cry, PUBg, Call of Duty
I am a DOTA 2 player (2125 hours) but I recently have dabbled a bit in League of Legends (750 hours). While both games were fun, I felt like League of Legends was a better game overall. Many guides on the internet often describe League as being easier than DOTA 2 to pick up, however, I felt that this was the case. Moreover, I appealed to a boosting service from https://boosteria.org, guys worked perfectly and in some days I was at the desired rank. Now I am addicted to LOL and I left DOTA for it because it is more interesting.