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Full Version: Video games for children
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What such games do you know? I need something simple for my little son
(09-13-2018, 12:28 AM)Martinn Wrote: [ -> ]What such games do you know? I need something simple for my little son

Well, Infamous First Light is a nice game for you son. Firstly try it and then share it with your son, Hope so he'll like it and enjoy the nice game time while in his playing activities.
I suggest you while my book tour bus of Europe. Smile
Minecraft. I played many PC games over the years and learnt 100's of things from playing games like

Supply chain management
Sports games
Like Basketball
Tennis Rules

Learnt alot of lessons in history from playing games like total war and age of empires.
(09-13-2018, 12:28 AM)Martinn Wrote: [ -> ]What such games do you know? I need something simple for my little son

Try for example car racing games https://www.skywardgames.com/category/racing usually boys like such games. Also on this website there are many another different games, for example Pou games, Pokemon games, Frozen, etc.
I allow my little son to play simple online games like Сatsvsdogs.io, HyperFleet.io, different racing and bike games from http://iospace.games/ . Quite interesting website with many games for kids including educational. I think it is good variant.
Double post sorry for that.
Candy Crash, all Disney games etc etc
I can suggest Rainbow Mystery and Dream Hills . My kids love them! Plus these games are free and available online, you can check game announces. There are so many games of all genres, your kid could choose what they want.
I would add World of Warcraft too. My cousin's little son (8 y.o.) plays it every day almost and it's great Big Grin recently he has prefereв to play raids (the most difficult and at the same time the most entertaining part of WoW) and you know what? When he turns 9 (in 2 weeks) I will buy him some armour at overgear https://overgear.com/games/wow-classic/raids to make him a bit happier Heart
Good very very good
For a little child, I recommend installing only educational games. And Tue for children 10-16 years old you can play in WoW, GTA, LoL. To make the game interesting and safe, parents should play with their children in order to control their PC pastime and game security. Also now you can buy interesting skins for different games so that the player’s character is unique. Here's an example of a very rare skin Black Alistar
Why not you try to find Children video games on Play store you found a lot of games there.