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Full Version: How to share files between Android and iPhone?
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Today you'll learn how to transfer files between iPhone and Android devices. And all of these processes can be understood by using a single method! This method can be easily used in file transferring from iPhone to Android and iPhone to iPhone. You can transfer apps too!

In order to transfer files between iPhone and Android, you have to install SHAREit app in both iPhone and Android. But the problem is, previous versions of iOS don't support this app except the latest version of this OS (8 and upper). So in order to install SHAREit in your iPhone, you have to update your iPhone to iOS 8 or 8+. But don't be upset. I have provided the easiest way to update your iPhone to iOS 8. And be assured that updating iOS is much easier than any other smartphone OS. As far as I know, iPhone 4S and higher versions are eligible to get the iOS 8 or 8+ update. Now follow below process.

Update your iPhone to iOS 8 using the easiest and official method. If your device has already installed iOS 8, then you don't have to. iPhone 6 and 6+ don't need to be updated.

Now install SHAREit in your iPhone from iTunes and Android from Play Store.

Now make sure that WiFi is not activated in any of your devices. Turn off WiFi in both of your devices. Let SHAREit activate WiFi in both your devices itself.

Just open SHAREit in both of your devices and start and receiving files between two devices.

More details on this post - How to Transfer files in Android and iPhone devices - *** In this tutorial you'll learn file transferring from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android and iPhone to iPhone. Necessary screenshot has also been included in the tutorial.
Well you can transfer the files either using a data cable or you can also share it by Bluetooth.There are some new devices which support the NFC also by which you can transfer easily.

make sure you keep all the data safe before the transfer because during the transfer some data can get deleted or corrupted.What i have done as installed an app called Leo master safety guard.This app can hide any file in my mobile phone and also it can lock the other apps too.So now i feel safe while transferring any file.

Google Play:
I think many people now have the same problem, we have android phones and iphone, and switch between them. But the data needed to be copied for both. At this time, I think a transfer tool is helpful. You can see this guide: Transfer for Mobile
Hello Friends,

Android and iOS have long been at war with one another for their share of the smartphone & tablet markets. With close to 80% of the mobile market share as of 2013, chances are that the first person you meet while walking down the street anywhere in the world is an Android user. Apple’s brainchild, iOS, is the next contender, with a smaller but extremely dedicated consumer base who keeps a host of active big-name creators, innovators and celebrities to their name in a wide range of fields.If you need to share files with someone who is physically nearby, a local Wi-Fi application can turn your Android or iOS device into a small router through which any size or number of files can be simply easily transmitted. The downside to these applications is that they do not work over long distances- the two devices must be at least in the same room or building as one another for the transfer to work.

Now a days there are many apps available by which we can transfer any type of file with in a seconds some of the apps are : SHAREIT, CSHARE, XENDER, e.t.c
Now a days there are many apps available for sharing files between two phones some of the apps are:

If you need to transfer data between android and iphone, I 'd like to suggest you a phone transfer tool, which supports data transfer  from ios devices to android phones on pc or Mac computer, you can select the data you need, and view them on pc clearly, have a look at this , you can also transfer other data such like text messages, photos with it. Transfer data from iphone to android.