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Full Version: trouble shooting
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what is the basic function in a trouble shooting process?
Troubleshooting basic computer troubleshooting,
business functions to one or more application servers for logic processing. When a problem occurs on the server, the software attempts to reconnect to the application server so that the business function can run
basic troubleshooting steps for operating systems, software programs, and computer hardware.
Troubleshooting is a systematic approach to problem solving that is often used to find and correct issues with complex machines, electronics, computers and software systems.
Troubleshooting is a process by which he can check the problem that is happening with it's device and try to remove the problems and get the system working as it was working before. Now a days there are many systems that provide troubleshooting in themselves but they can only handle small errors. You should have hands on cyber security training if you want to solve these problems by yourself.