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I want to learn wordpress. Have anybody can help me to learn wordpress ?
for that you must google and see http://www.greenhatworld.com
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Here where i've learnt a lot about wordpress, you should take a look : http://ltheme.com/blog/wordpress-themes/wordpress-tutorial/
Learn from this site:http://www.wpbeginner.com/category/wp-tutorials/
Very useful
As for me, I prefer http://www.webstarts.com website builder to Wordpress really. I don't want to learn it... Webstarts is a free and comprehensive drag-and-drop website builder which can be used by virtually everyone. Maybe you will like it too
Learn WordPress the easy way.

Who’s got time to read boring tech books? Learn WordPress basics right here in about an hour! Then, continue learning with more advanced videos and get answers to your WordPress questions in our members-only forum

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WordPress is the content management of choice that many people use to build professional looking, highly customized blogs without having to spend years learning to code. WordPress is an open source platform which makes it easy for people at all skill levels to build a website from the ground up.

Here are 18 of the best websites that will help you learn how to use WordPress. There are both free and paid options represented on this list. also included a number of video-based suggestions for people who learn best visually, and even books for those of you who are more tactile learners
Become one of the best & skilled programmer as you explore in detail the programming concepts with lectures from professional developers. The online programming courses are made available by most of the coaching classes. One can increase programming skills by grasping the programming knowledge online.
Then, continue learning with more advanced videos and get answers to your WordPress questions in our members-only forum
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Search on google you will find huge number of e books and you tube videos where you can learn wordpress.
i think you can check here you can create this site like http://oceanofgamespc.com/
It is very beneficial to learn the WordPress in any good institute as compared to online because they will provide you the platform to work on the live projects by which you can learn fast.

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You can check many wordpress tutorial for beginners on internet. There many stuffs available. WordPress is one of the easiest and demanding platform now a days.
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