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Full Version: Favorite Game?
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Football is my favorite game. What about you?
If the choice is in Football and Cricket then I must say Cricket is best, but personally I love volley ball and it is one of my favorite games. I like it because it is really active and interesting for me.
I am a big fan of Football. But I also like Cricket, Tennis, and Racing.
(06-26-2015, 10:11 AM)MattĀ watson Wrote: [ -> ]CRICKET VS FOOTBALL ?

Football is my favorite game. What about you?

I also like football match and Neymar is my favorite football player. Smile
Cricket is my favorite game..............................
My favourtite game would probably be football.
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Good choice but i think my favorite game is Cricket.
cricket is my favorite game
i was the football player in my college team so i prefer football.
cricket is my favorite team .
my favorite game is benten.
my favorite game is judo .
i like to play Sudoku....
my favorite game is candy crush saga or soda both.
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