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Full Version: Nokia vs Samsung
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Which mobile handset brand is best?
Nokia or Samsung?
Nokia is my first love. Now I miss him.
Nokia is better than Samsung mobile.
Nokia don't have android yet. But now a days people like android, so samsung is better.
At this time Samsung is better than Nokia due to features, quality and Last is Price .
so Samsung is best.
Nokia's camera is better than Samsung's camera.
Both are compare to be the leading mobile phone brands. In some aspect Nokia is best where as in some aspect Samsung is good.
In terms of durability and battery life Nokia is best
In terms of variety of advance mobile phone Samsung is best.
i suggest samsung the its easy interface
Both are good every brand has its unique features!
Both brands offer good devices it depends on all your requirements of handset features.
Nokia is more than samsung i am also using one nokia mobile
nokia c33 has a better battery lifespan Big Grin
Samsung is the best choice. Nokia is expensive have not much good features. I purchased samsung s5 from theexpressoutlet.com they gave free shipping and lowest price ever.
i think nokia's old sets are best for use.
Samsung is the best handset brand .
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