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stealth webcam
Camera software is a unique thing. Megapixel cameras appeared far not in 2012, but last year popularity of their use sharply increased. The ’megapixel’ boom began. Cameras of high resolution not only give the detailed picture, but also expose a number of technical requirements for transfer and video processing. For operation of one IP camera not the biggest permission in 5 Mpks with a speed of video stream the 25th shot / with and a format of compression of H.264 is required channel width not less than 10 Mbps. Now imagine object at which hundreds video cameras work. Load of a network, of the server accepting a video stream, of the processor making information processing from cameras, simply enormous. If necessary to find any event in megapixel archive, these loadings increase in tens times, and full processing of archive requires time, commensurable with duration of written-down video. For the most effective processing and the analysis of megapixel video software producers offered a number of decisions.

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