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photo retouching services provider usa

Da Clipping Path provides professional photo retouching service, photo editing and photo background remove services for corporate individual clients. We have experts Retouching professionals for natural photo retouch, high end retouching, jewelry photo retouching and all other photoshop works. Our pricing is affordable with confirming highest quality.

Jewelry Retouching Tutorial

So, in this occasion, it's not an automotive related tutorial.. Because, a good friend of mine was asking me whether i can retouch his jewelry products.

And i said, "well, since i can do cars, why not jewelry?"

So, she gave me her jewelry picture.

Basically the technique is the same when we render cars. But this time, the scale is much smaller. Thousand times smaller. So, it's all started with tracing the silhouette with PEN TOOL. Then start brushing here and there.

Hi, I just saw this video and I like this one very much. Nice and innovative creation.

Thanks for this post

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