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outdoor wood floor renovates method
The family decorates owner to be able to choose life to use longer floor board certainly, but if do not have pair of floors to undertake maintaining, service life is not long also. How should that outdoor wood floor undertake face-lifting?

outdoor wood floor renovates a method

1, use large floor board to renovate machinery to count layer of layer of lacquer of second burnish eliminate, surface layer, woodiness to make an appointment with 0.5 millimeter, repass is careful arenaceous light makes floor surface exquisite, slick achieve brand-new condition. Floor edge horn uses small-sized horn to grind machine undertake burnish achieves whole flowing effect.
2, will original edge seams transparent be bored with child eliminate, seal afresh seam, zip full range floor again priming paint, wait for dry.
3, after waiting for priming paint to work, brush face paint the first times, wait for dry.
4, with gauze of water of 300 eye above careful and abrade feel coarse slightly to facing, eliminate pink bits, brush paint of the 2nd level.
5, brush by above program 3 to 4 faces lacquer, last need not abrade.
6, floor wax is hit after waiting for Qi Quangan last times can.

outdoor wood floor renovates a note
1, push dirt or cleaner aspiration.
2, with puissant the water that divide candle 1: Even besmear is after 10 dilute on the ground, wait for 5-10 minute, add cleanness of low speed of gules grind segment with the machine that brush the ground, go candle. Use bibulous machine in time sewage blot.
3, wash too with clear water, blot, do not leave any leftover cleaner till the ground.
4, inspect need, go up candle of face of 1-2 layer excel in.
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