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newyork to niagara
last day, On my birthday, I have been enjoyed newyork to niagara with my brother. We both enjoyed so much as he just let me know that how much he loves to spend his time with me on that day. He just makes me so happy and we both enjoyed a lot and enjoyed so much different things here.
Jackie, newyork to Niagara is something really unique that you have enjoyed with your brother to enjoy the birthday and have a fun time and make this birthday really memorable for you. I would like to know about something special with your brother did for you on this day. Do you share about that?
Jackie, would you like to share more with us how you make that day more special for you? I am keen to read where you went for dinner and how spend your day? In New York, there are many things to do for making a day unforgettable so how you make your day remarkable for you?

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