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machinery factory to make agricultural
Wu Jinsong was a Xuancheng native. In 1991, he became a four-year soldier in Beijing. In 1995, he retired and returned to Xuancheng. After retiring, I worked as a welder and a mechanical repairman, but I always felt that it was not a problem.
Under such circumstances, he quit his job. In 1998, he opened the first electric car shop in Xuancheng. In 2000, he saw the prospect of machining. He also opened a machinery factory to make agricultural vehicles. It is this machine. The factory allowed him to earn the first pot of gold.
I really made a lot of money at the time, at least for now, I think I was very rich at that time. Wu Jinsong said with a smile, he was only 27 years old at the time, and he was young and young. But the rapid success has become his stumbling block.
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