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growth stress, high content of rosin
<p>wood texture clear and beautiful, lighter color, moderate hardness, strength and Elastic modulus is large, these are the advantages of pine. But because of its material has obvious growth stress, high content of rosin, coupled with the wood contains more polysaccharide latex so the material is relatively brittle, poor adhesive properties, paint adhesion is low, easy to bubble Off, while the wood easy to warp, cracking, moisture susceptible to fungal erosion after the </p>
<p>blue, white and decadent. These are the fatal weakness of the pine. Cunninghamia lanceolata is evergreen tree, widely distributed in China, north of the Huaihe River to the south, south to the Leizhou Peninsula, east from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian coastal, west to the Tibetan Plateau southeastern valleys are distributed. Its material relative to the pine hardness and water resistance and resistance to deformation is better. 4, solid wood suite door composition </p>
<p>structure 1, the door core: door core board selection of the Northeast pine or fir tooth tooth plate, and through high temperature cooking and drying processes to control the water content, easy to deformation, flatness, from the door The core to put an end to the deformation; Paul recommended thickness of 2.8cm. 2, the balance layer: MDF, after hot press pressure and the door core material to become a whole, thus ensuring the overall stability and fineness of the </p>
<p>indonesia composite wood deck<br />
fence trellis panels<br />
how many wood fence panels will i need</p>

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