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furniture finished product
Because of its furniture finished product thick, sedate, air, the broad Xie Huangtan in grain, colour and lustre, density and annatto GB (Indonesian black acerbity branch) replacement wood chair slats furniture similar, and the price is far wait for GB annatto under broad Xie Huangtan, be in what a lot of customer got on market of annatto furniture terminal to approbate, sales volume is climbed ceaselessly litre, caused more and more attention on the market.

Wood of formal name windmill, be called on handicraft market at present ebony lumber, "The skin is grey " it is a the commonnest kind, produce Yumosangbike of composite deck tiles malaysia the market that enters country mostly. Call its commonly on log market " the skin is grey " , also have call its " Hei Zitan " .

Lumber provides burnish, have oily feeling slightly. Grain crisscross; The structure is fine; Very heavy hard; Intensity is high. Treatment is more difficult, plastic wood composite decking in uk diameter face slightly hammer of strong; of cottony; wearability nails easy craze, beard first bore. Very be able to bear or endure corrupt. Dry slow, easy craze, best gas works. Gas does density to be more than 0.91-1.10g/cm3. wpc deck board

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