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furniture' Last weekend
<p>varieties have always been popular, some stores inventory is running low. For the vast number of consumers, '11' holiday is the best time to buy special offers one of the best. However, some businesses have to take this opportunity to play a false propaganda gimmick, sold outdated, old products, so that consumers enjoy the special at the </p>
<p>same time unwittingly suffer a 'knife.' Recently, the unification of the sale of home promotions on the debut, and consumers are not without worry: for example, there is a solid wood bed, really very special, but can not be issued with the instructions and related materials; such as 360 degrees expert design consultant, To provide home </p>
<p>improvement design, pipeline design, residential feng shui and other services, but in fact the services are not opened ... ... man-made sheet claims that 'pure solid wood furniture' Last weekend, the reader Pan to reflect the newspaper, unified home recently launched special wood bed, In fact not all solid wood. In this regard, the reporter </p>
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