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from wood to some basic energy
<p>logistics and distribution,<a href='http://floormatscheap.com/diy-deck/1816.html'>artificial turf benda board</a> pavement, information feedback and after-sales service as a whole process, The whole process of activities, with leading, high standards and transparent service standards so that consumers clearly consumption, and truly improve the service level of the flooring industry, so that consumers no longer simply buy a lifeless floor, and It should be a wonderful experience.wood honeycomb panels advantages A sampling inspection report recently in Heilongjiang Province showed that about 60% of the floors sold in the local market were unqualified. In order to strengthen the floor quality supervision in the field of circulation, Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Commerce and </p>
<p>Industry commissioned authoritative inspection agencies to conduct quality sampling on 54 batches of flooring sold by 47 operators in Daqing, Yichun and Qitaihe. <a href='http://goodfloorings.com/boat/1067.html'>fence post in cinder block holes up home</a>The results showed that 21 batches of qualified, 33 batches failed. According to the relevant person in charge of Heilongjiang Administration for Industry and Commerce introduced the 33 batches of substandard floor samples the main problem is that the number of surface wear-resistant failure, the use of surface wear-resistant paper grams of aluminum oxide is too low; Unfavorable quality of the floor substrate,wpc machine europe mainly in the combination of strength, static buckling strength and thickness of the </p>
<p>swelling rate of unqualified. Northeast Hegang April 25 Recently, the city of Xingda Wood Company products - 'good and home' brand parquet exports to the Netherlands,<a href='http://floormatscheap.com/pvc-fence/126.html'>faux stone used in series decked out</a> which is the company floor last year by the Beijing Olympic Games table tennis venues After another striking success of the business. Xingda Wood Company is a small district Xing'an District small factory, only dozens of employees,how to install cladding but engaged in the production of parquet for many years, with the domestic first-class production equipment, the product of the past few years the main market for Beijing and other places, and more in the country A big city with sales offices. Last year, </p>

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