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for my son
I am new here. I am from Vancouver and I am a mother of three kids. I am writing to get a suggestion. My son is 16 and it's after three years marriage , we got him. And we gave extra and loved giving him whatever he wanted but now he is out of our control. At this age, he very much addicted to drugs and alcohol and this was because of his friends. But we can't blame them for this as my son is responsible for what he is now. I am thinking of treatments that would really help kids to come out of addictions. My aunt suggested Canada drug rehab ( ) which is near to our place but I am confused about that. Because I haven't heard any kids of this age being under treatments that too for addiction. Is this a good decision? Should I proceed with my aunt's decision? Will it be good to do so?  Any kids that you know underwent any treatments of this sort? Will this help my baby?
Sorry for making it long.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks for sharing the information...
Canada drug rehab can be a perfect place for your sun where he can enjoy beautiful environment, I am not addicted but I have visited this place last time when I was free from my san francisco tours from los angeles with my friends for general knowledge. this is a quite inserting place or me where the patient can enjoy five-star facilities and can make his mind fresh with through a beautiful photo gallery. So I think this place can be suitable for your son.
MARENA! what cool kind of stuff that you have shared here with all of us, I really like this and like to say that I am fully blinked about any of this kind of place, But I am sure that your shared names will prove Really useful for the Virgina gracia! and I am sure that she will get benefits through this for sure.

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Virgina gracia!! I would say that sometimes your over care and love make people rebel and they just want to do what they want. as I know a lady who just does care of his kid so much like she was over conscious. and never stop him from the thing which is bad or Good and was saying that time he is a little baby he has no sense of understanding things. and that thing made his life hell and he used to take drugs as well with his friends. and in the 18th year of his life, she realized that she was wrong and should control him that time. and then she chooses Searidge Foundation and that works properly. He just drops the habit of drugs and all other things. but sadly a bad company of his friends can't stay at that habit. and he starts drugging.
craven!It's really sad to read about this whole experience of a mother who cannot success to get a ride this bad habit from her kid. It is right that we should look after the habits from the childhood otherwise with the passage of time the habits becomes stronger. So I really hope that Virgina grace! can get good stuff from here and use this to make her kid healthy.
Yeah, Asabell, This is really sad and I am so sure that this will be very much useful for a mother is she will look after her child from now. So maybe that would be helpful. So Virgina grace, I would like to say you best of luck for the plan. I hope you will bring out your child from bad habit of drug.
Reall nice conversation going here about the Canada drug rehab. I am going to agree with members. Sometimes our over care make kids like this. Anyhow, I think it is a nice place for Virgina gracia son. Through this place, I am kinds sure his son come back in his normal routine life.
Yeah, PAUL12!! I am also sure this will help her son, but still, there is need to stay away from his bad companies and friends as well. I hope she will be back in his life.
Well, This is so sad to know that. Actually, once i also face that issue and due to my bad company i start drugging and my mother was so upset because of me. Then i just used a center and leave that bad habit.

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