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flooring products are classified products
<p>increase in product prices? Do consumers want to pay for new technology? Yi Chengbin told reporters that solid wood retractable locking technology research and development and listing is to enhance the market competitiveness of solid wood flooring,<a href='http://funkystuff.org/pvc-fence/353.html'>clear plastic wpc floor walls</a> set off the industry competition in technology, will not be the cost of research and development grafted to the product price. At present, solid wood retractable locking technology has been applied to teak, oak, rosewood, balsam beans and other more than 20 common market of wood flooring varieties,installing 1x4 porch flooring so that consumers have more choice of space. Guangdong Province Building Decoration </p>
<p>Materials Industry Association, Lan Fang pointed out that good decorative materials should be decorative, practical, durability and environmental protection and other four properties,<a href='http://funkystuff.org/pvc-fence/4490.html'>how to build a landscape timber bench</a> in the endless emergence of new materials, decorative materials companies need more in the old materials On the bold and practical technological innovation, in order to meet people for home life higher requirements. Solid wood lock technology to subvert the solid wooddeck trim be used on the deck floor,October 30, Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the 'third quarter of 2013 circulation of goods quality inspection report', informed that the Hunan business from Changsha, </p>
<p>Yueyang, Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Loudi four regional distribution units of the 47 groups of complex Floor samples were tested, qualified 27 groups, failed 20 groups.<a href='http://funkystuff.org/diy-decking/2529.html'>polymer fence posts</a> Among them, a nominal trademark for the 'Kyrgyzstan floor', specifications for the model '1210mm * 125mm * 12mm', the production date of 'July 16, 2011', the nominal production enterprises as 'Kyrgyzstan Wood' impregnation Paper laminated wood flooring due to formaldehydewood plastic composite floor in korea emission does not meet the standard requirements were sentenced to substandard products. On the 'Hunan Industrial and Commercial Bureau sampling Kyrgyzstan floor floor unqualified' </p>

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