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does laser hair removal works?

Hello Friends!

I am new to Laser technology and wishing to undergo Laser hair reduction. Has anyone gone through Laser Hair Removal technique before? what's your suggestion?


It's a very effective procedure. You can get rid of unwanted hair forever in just a few sessions.

At first, I did photo epilation, which is also a suitable procedure. It doesn't hurt, unlike electro, and the result is relatively fast. Still, it takes 10-15 sessions to get rid of hair permanently. I did laser hair removal on my face and didn't feel any discomfort at all. The only thing is that after any such procedure, you need to wear a special cream; I was given it at the clinic. And you can't be in the direct sun and don't go out without sunscreen with SPF protection. Otherwise, you should follow the rules, such as not doing other hair removals by yourself and coming in time for the next session.

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