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cloud host with hourly billing
Need your help to choose find hosting that accepts bitcoins as payment, has hourly billing and fast setup
Well, I know bithost.io is suitable for this. Do you know anything about their reliability?
What host would you choose? Any alternatives?
I have done research on their service and they seems reliable. Their hosting is reselled from Digitalocean which means high quality standards and bithost.io has attractive deals with hourly billing with very fast account installation.
Try to look at kvchosting.net web hosting deals. These guys know how to keep everything working smoothly.
Always reliable service and personal support. Would highly recommend to any potential customers.
For sure bithost.io would meet any demand because their service is guaranteed by DO and they have also experienced staff. Their prices are reasonable and account delivery is instant.
Hello, I have checked your provided resource here and I am so glad to find this services here but still I have to confirm one thing is their service includes networking in openstack or do I have use the add-on service? Please let me know as soon as possible so I can make my decision quickly.

Uptime is perfect!
Speed is faster than I've had with my previous host!
Customer support is responsive and helpful - work 24/7!
All in all, I am 100% satisfied dealing with Bithost.io - a nice opportunity to order server for several hours and pay via BITCOIN.
Quality cloud hosting can be got from kvchosting.net and everest.net, plans are full-featured and prices are cheap.
Support is helpful and active for 24 hours and they are able to satisfy the demands of many webmasters with a tight budget.
I have ordered this Bithost.io server for 3 hours:
Quote:Memory - 4GB, Cores - 2 Core. SSD - 60GB, Transfer - 4TB, Hourly Price - $0.08
Really good speed, great uptime. Everything works like a Swiss watch. Recommend their services..

Again, this is good possibility to order Digitalocean servers and pay Bitcoins.
I second everest.net, their cloud hosting is quality and low cost.
Their tech staff is troubleshooting and webmaster-friendly.
Buy cheap cloud hosting from hosting duniya.

Cheap cloud hosting
The guys at Bithost.io know their stuff, and more than that they're very good at explaining anything to newbies.
The customer service has excellent feedback time via e-mail and solved all problems for a website newbie like me.

It is the best place to get Bitcoin web hosting at cheap rates.

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