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cheap SSD shared hosting provider
What's the cheapest and most reliable SSD shared hosting provider?
Is that iFastNet.com? Are there better deals elsewhere?
I suggest you to check out hosticon.com deals. They have hosted several websites for me and I have no complaints on technical side or support, they were top-notch by far.
I'd say that Kvchosting.com would be best option to get ssd powered hosting. They have stable network, professional support and high performance of servers.
iFastNet.com now use SSD's for their premium hosting plans. The price is very good for pure SSD hosting and they include a free application firewall to block hacks on scripts. Their support is always ready to help.
Solid-state drive hosting aims to provide speed and reliability over a server with a Solid State Drive whether your looking for shared hosting a virtual . it is normally cheaper than SSD but is also slower to respond and less efficient in . Contact your preferred hosting provider to review their storage options.
As I see ssd hosting deals from kvchosting.com can be suitable for you. They provide you with technically superior hosting, backed by a personal approach to service and support.
Why not to give SolVPS a try?

especially love their support. They're easy, friendly and they seem to really care about their clients.
Awesome company! Great to work with. Get started with $5 free credit: Use coupon code WELCOME
Why don't you find a better host like 4Goodhosting.com. My experience with them is nothing but 100% positive. They offer 100% uptime, zero packet loss and fast network. The pricing they provide remains competitive. I am very happy with the 24 hours support and the response time. All of my support emails are answered in just few minutes often with full solution. If I were you, I will definitely give them a try.
I recommend iFastNet because they provide a free domain name even with cheapest plan, they have PHP 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 which you can choose in cPanel for your needs. Servers are very secure especially using the site lock which makes it impossible for hackers to exploit your scripts by fully locking all files uploaded so they can not be changed.
==>> http://hostingsource.com/

This decent host will meet your demands. Their ssd hosting is quite cheap and their packages are so resourceful and feature-rich!
They have superb reputation and you will have a wonderful experience with them.
Thanks for all your replies, dudes.
I have decided to use ifastnet.com services as I have failed to find a better deal.
Prices are affordable for my budget and their tech staff is online for 24 hours.

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