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bamboo flooring market tepid
<p>closed in less than a year, closed down, so there is a definition, such as bamboo Industry should be bigger and stronger, I think bigger must make money earn, do not have to do big Shuizhang. If my company is doing a great job,<a href='http://wooddeck-kit.com/pvc-deck/815.html'>parquet flooring mauritius</a> but the vitality is very short, single specifications, single color, we are all in this specification to squeeze, so everyone to each other to lower prices, I think the development of this industry is the abnormal development, Originally, the industry was a competitive product, but its life span was relatively short. Therefore,trek board slip resistant strips we should standardize this industry and arouse all enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, and </p>
<p>hope that we can jointly go together with the intellectual property of bamboo flooring Road, can make enterprises bigger and stronger. Some small businesses disrupt the bamboo flooring industry,<a href='http://wooddeck-kit.com/wall-panel/1620.html'>setting deck beams on existing patio</a> just as many of Dazhuang's products are expensive and may be more expensive than solid wood, but their volume only accounts for the high end and can not dominate the floor, so this is an issue Bamboo flooring is the most important factor in the development. Xue Zhi-cheng, chairman of Yiyang Peach Blossom River Industrial Co., Ltd. in Hunan Province,polypropylene rice husk composite board said in front of everyone is very comprehensive, bamboo is indeed a very good material, both </p>
<p>environmentally friendly and product characteristics, for our country is an advantage products and industries. From now on in this industry, our industry is currently facing many problems.<a href='http://wooddeck-kit.com/pvc-deck/5966.html'>composite deck designs for trailinger homes</a> The main factor is that we can not make money without making any money. The reason not to make money is not to say that this product does not make money. It is that we ourselves have made up our own business.pvc wood in the philippines In 1995 and 1996, we sold over 300,400 square meters, and now dozens of pieces Money a square meter, the cost is greatly increased, the sales price even hit 3 fold, in fact, bamboo is currently used in areas is very wide, not just in the floor, furniture, </p>

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