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WordPress vs Blogger

Hello there,
I'm going to open a blog. But I have no idea about the best blogging platform. Would you please tell which blogging platform is best?

It will be easy for me to choose, if you explain some features of your suggested blogging platform.

I would appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Obviously wordpress better. It comes with lots of features lots of plugins. You can customize your wordpress site any how u want!

Wordpress has lots of features. Using plugins, you can fully customize your wordpress site. It's not just a blogging platform, it's used to make any type of website.

Blogger has all features that a blog should have. The most attractive & important thing about blogger is, you never need to spend a penny cents for hosting & programming. All blogger blogs comes with free hosting, no matter how much traffic your site gets, how much resources used, how much bandwidth consumed! Blogger means relax!

I prefer Blogger.

Because there's no headache about hosting cost, server management etc. Everything is ready made and free!

Wordpress is best for it numerous features.

Thinking about hosting cost?

If you have good content and audience, your revenue must be smarter. So hosting cost is not matter at all.


WordPress blogging is best because it is new technology. So that u should use wordpress blogging.

Wordpress is ultimate for free blogging. There are many issues to do blogging with blogger.

With wordpress you can do whatever you want. But you can't do the same with blogger. That's why wordpress is best.

WordPress is the best.

Dear friend,
Wordpress is best for a website because there have many plugins to create a eye catching website.

if I choose a website for a new blog.. then it will be WordPress.. coz their's a lot of option to make your blog interesting and better for user.

Wordpress is blogging site for easily build on It uses free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes which is also good for which leads to increase in search engine optimization. For more Information visit our website for

none other is better than "Wordpress"

wordpress is better than other

Wordpress is the best one.....................

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