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Winter tips for travelers

Pack thermals or long underwear.
Make one of your bottoms a basic pair of black pants.
Replace 3-4 tops with 2 sweaters.
Choose boots as your one shoe.
Accessorize with hats, gloves, and scarves.
Pack warm, lightweight socks.
(Girls) Don't forget chapstick and lotion.
Choose your coat wisely.
All of these tips for those people which like to enjoy traveling in the winter season. So those travelers should take these things with them for a comfortable journey.

Excited for west coast of america tours.

Its really worthy options that you have shared here. I am eally happy to have these Winter tips for travelers to remain actives theirs traveling activities. I have noted these all and would love to act upon on these for making my travel safest for me. Thanks for this useful sharing.

PAUL12, I am gonna add here that it is really a nice sharing from your side here about the winter season. I think all of these tips are really useful and valuable for those who are going to take tours in this winter season. I will say you nice sharing or this and keep it up in future as well.

What huge information has been shared by you PAUL12, I am really glad to see anything as this from your side and i would say that all of these are completely accurate. I am sure that something as this is gonna help all of us out so massively, Things like these has been just so much wow to me from always.

Interesting articles about travel preparation and winter season. All things are beneficial to everyone.

It's really important to have a checklist while travelling anywhere in winter.

Thanks for the useful tips! So timely!

i am glad that you guys liked the sort of the stuff which has been shared here with all of us. I am quite sure that any of the thing like this is going to help me really nicely. it would be something very much massive having fun at any of the interesting sort of the place like this one and a lot more.

I would suggest warm clothing and heating pads. They help a lot even when you are just traveling around different sights. We were in Munich last year in the mountains and after that we decided to do some sight seeing. We were planning a day trip from Munich to the nearby castles so we could see the old architecture as well as the beautiful weather. It was kind of cold that year so the thermal clothing and the heating pads were very useful. Especially if you are in the mountains for a long period of time. Also keep a flask of warm liquid with you at all times. I find it helps with the cold

PAUL12, Keep it more up and must share your mind here with me about the situation we are going through? I mean all of us are huge fan of traveling and now we are not having any option to plan something just cause of our safety. How you guys are spending your time these days?

Winters are back again and after reading this previous post i really got some new ideas in my mind. I will appreciate the members, participated in. Jackie!! i do agree with you everyone is scared of Covid 19. Well spend most of my time at home or near to a nature place, where i could find peace of mind. And waiting to be free once again to say hi to world.

Well, taraa, Nice to know how you are spending your time at home. I am so sure that things will definiely get settle down and we will be freely can plan something.

Yeah Jackie, do agree with you and praying for that good time.

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