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Why Twitter Is Better Than Facebook???
Hello everyone,

Please tell me, Why twitter is better than Facebook?????????
I don't think twitter is better than Facebook. I always get more visitors from Facebook while almost non from Twitter. And I actively advertise on both.
Who told you that Twitter is better than Facebook??? Facebook always stands first when it comes to marketing.
Twitter is better than fb because there are too many "wanna-be". People are so desperate for so many likes on their picture they're willing to do anything. On fb when people update their status too much it gets really annoying but where as twitter you can update your tweets so much and there wouldnt be a problem because that is what twitter is for. There are also pages such as "like for god or scroll down for the devil" or "like or your mom will die tonight", like is my mom really going to die if i dont like it, i know not "liking" something wont determine my mom's future; THE THIRST IS REAL! Facebook is just for all those desperate people who think getting likes on their picture and status will make them become famous.
10 ways Twitter is better than Facebook
1. You can reach your favourite celebrities more easily
2. You don't have to log in
3. Twitter has lists
4. It's better for breaking news
5. It's less cluttered
6. Twitter is a lot more versatile
7. The power of the hashtag
8. It's better for sports and television
9. It's ephemeral
10. There are plenty of useful Twitter add-ons
As a source of News
Talk to the Experts
Better Customer Service
Better Advertising
Strong Mobile Presence
Broader Horizons
Lets you interact with people
Anyone can engage on Twitter
Character Restriction
Real Time Search

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