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Why Custom PHP Web Development Is Always A Hot Option For Business Development?
PHP is the widely preferred programming language for custom development as no other scripting language can be as functional and flexible as PHP. And it can be easily and quickly integrated into HTML.

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nice post for php development

PHP is base of website development ( ) but there are lots of open sources are there where you can make easily website with less coding.
I agree with aacplant , PHP is father of coding.
Informative thread for php developer. Thank you!
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PHP - A widely preferred server side scripting language for customized development as no other scripting language as adaptable as PHP. Most of the industries like Travel, Tourism, Education, Food Ordering, Appointment Booking, Freelancer, Crowd funding and even more use PHP Web Development as their server requirements and technologies for thw implementation of various clone scripts like

Online Learning Solution
Taxi Booking Solution
Classified Ads Solution
Event Booking Solution
On-Demand Service Booking
PHP | Laravel |

Custom PHP can also introduce problems on upgrade. If something in the CMS changed, your custom code can break — and while the company that releases the CMS has probably tested it extensively before releasing it, there’s no telling how the new version will work with your PHP code. You may not really know if there’s going to be a problem until you upgrade, so for each site you’ll be crossing your fingers, upgrading, then dealing with the blowback from customers as problems emerge.

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