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Which relationship is mot important for you?
I would like to say that in this world we have made a lot of relationship in different kind of stages in our life. But in all the relationships some relationship is very important for us which we never want to broke that relation. So tell me in your life which relationship is most important for you?

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For me, the first relation that is more important is a relationship with my Family and then with my friends.
Well, For me, Most important relationship is with my parents those always stand for me wherever i am. They just love me without any need and the relationships that you made up with heart. Whereas, Every relation have its own worth and place in one's life indeed.
PAUL12 !! I do agree with you, the Most important relation in my life that's is my family and my lover. I cannit lost both relations in my life because I have so love with his persons. epically my mom and my dad. They are so close to me and other hands my lover. his so nice person and understand my feeling.
Yeah everyone just do not want to lose those people who do care for you. I also tried to have something like this and this will be amazing and best time for you to have some fun there ahead as it. i will like to make it more adorable and best time for sure.

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