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Which is better- "responsive design" OR "mobile web design" ?
Please help me to choose any one option. What do you think I should go for this year between responsive and mobile web design?
I would recommend you the responsive design.
Thanks farzana for your recommendation. Smile Hope to get more replies like yours.
responsive design Can Run on Any mobile But Mobile Website can't Run on Browsers.
So, Make a Good Choice Smile
for responsive we design use bootstrap which is comfortable all devices like
Responsive design is best as compare mobile web design.
I think Responsive design best

Responsive web design
Responsive site can run in PC,Tablet,Ipoda and mobile so use responsive.
Now all the people are crafting responsive site that can be use in all device.
I think you should go for responsive design.
In responsive design, the device does the work and automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size (large or small) and orientation (landscape or portrait). It switches between these options on-the-fly.
Responsive design lets you keep your own domain—nothing changes except code on the back-end.

A mobile site is essentially a copy of your website, where the server does the work to deliver an optimized page that’s smaller and easier to navigate.The solution can really customize a unique experience for mobile users.
With a mobile site, you must create a different domain (many companies choose to differentiate theirs by “”).
I suggest you to go for responsive design.
Go with Responsive Web Design. One URL for all electronic devices. Read more details here on this blog , covering each and every benefit of responsive web design and you may pursue for same instead of going with mobile web design.
I think responsive design better .
yellow objects
Responsive web design is better .
Oh, of course you should shoose responsive design. It fits well on all mobile devices (smartphone, tablet and laptop).
Responsive design is better because it is compatible with any devices.

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