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Which ecommerce platform is best?

Would you please share your opinion?

Which is the best platform for ecommerce sites?
I think Magento is best because of it's advanced features.
Why not OpenCart?

That's an open source software with lots of features. But you have to spend huge money to run a magento software. If you spend little, you can make your opencart even better.
It depends on your requirements.

Magento is most often used in bigger stores. And obviously opencart is also a good solution. But I think, zen cart is best for medium sized stores.
I would like to suggest anyone between Pestrashop and Opencart. Both of them has lots of features and very userfriendly.
Magento is still the best platform for ecommerce. Others are next to it.
If you wanna pay, Magento is best.

If looking for a open source software, then OpenCart is best.
Magento is best for online business. Its a high performance and scalable solution for fast-growing and large businesses. it helps you to drive more traffic to your store.
Each platform is best for its own service. Magento is widely supported by individual as well as corporate users. Shopify operates a 24×7 support center that’s well equipped to handle all sorts of queries.Every Volusion store comes with a mobile-friendly website.BigCommerce’s strongest feature is its ease of use.
Every platform have there own good. Its depend on you which kind of website you want to develop. If you are in starting level so you can go with open-cart because it is easy to install and upgrade and if you already have a website and want to add more functionality want to make it more user friendly so then you can go with Magneto.
Wordpress is the good platform to build e commerce websites .Lots of plugins are provided by wordpress & the site made in wordpress is seo friendly.
Megento, is best online eCommerce platform. Its performance is good and scalable solution for fast-growing and large businesses.
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For begginers wordpress and opencart is best ecommerce platform.
Wordpress is the best platform for creating an e commerce website & the best plugin is woocommerce as it is very seo friendly & rank easily in any search engine.
I Think Magento, is the best ecommerce . but for beginners wordpress is best.

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