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What sport do you like to watch/play?

What is your favorite sport to watch/play and why?

(02-28-2019, 02:46 AM)Dororall Wrote:  What is your favorite sport to watch/play and why?

Most often I like to watch sport, especially golf. But I not only watching but also playing golf since teenage. Can't say I am a professional player but I am really passionate about this kind of sport. If want to know more about golf stuff, visit this website

I like to play football since my childhood, the best game ever

Football, basketball, tennis. I like to watch sports matches in the company of my friends, to comment and discuss with them, plus it is always a good mood, emotions. Also for some matches we bet on 1xbet There are many channels for all active sports games. Have a nice day!

Football and Tennis

I like to play and watch Cricket and football

Watch: Football. I love the intensity of it. I love how crucial every play can be. I think it has the perfect pace compared to the other popular sports in the US. Baseball can be a little slow, basketball for me only really gets exciting towards the end.

Football is a hard slog through 100 yards, and things can change so fast, producing some moments of brilliance and jump out of your seat excitement.

Play: Baseball. I always felt it was kind of leisurely to play. But I was just in Little League, winter league, etc.


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