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What is viral view?
What is viral view in facebook posts?
Viral views refers to those views that gets from people commenting, sharing or liking
Gets to be well known through a viral procedure of Internet sharing, commonly through video sharing sites, online networking and email.
Viral recordings frequently contain funny substance and incorporate broadcast comic drama portrayals, for example, The Lonely Island's "Sluggish Sunday" and "Dick in a Box", Numa recordings, The Evolution of Dance,Chocolate Rain on YouTube; and web-just preparations, for example, I Got a Crush Some observer occasions have likewise been gotten on video and have gone viral, for example, the Battle at Kruger.
It can be tough getting your posts in front of a large audience on Facebook. The news feed algorithm buries your content to the point that your updates don't even reach most of your fans. So ask family members, friends & customers for help pushing your posts.


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Viral views refers to those views that gets from all groups sharing this post and people commenting,

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A viral post is something that has been shared, copied and spread across all social platforms. On Facebook in particular, going viral means that a post has generated a great deal of attention in the form of a high number of likes, shares and comments.


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viral views are which we seen on social media sites like facebook. people share the videos which are related some other people life tragedy.

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It all starts with a single post. A video, photo or anecdote you upload catches the attention of the people who watch or follow you. It entertains them, makes them think or just tickles their funny bone. They “Like” the post, comment on it or share it in their own timeline, spreading your post to the people on their friend list. If the friends of your friends also Like, comment and Share the post, it spreads far beyond its original audience -- the people only on your friend list. The further the post spreads, and the more Likes, comments and Shares it receives, the more viral it becomes.

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