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What is the use google webmaster?
What is the use google webmaster?
Google Webmaster Tools is a sweet suite of Google SEO tools that provides data and configuration control for your site in Google. If you're doing any SEO and you don't find value in GWT, you either use a paid tool that re-uses GWT data or you have an untapped gold-mine.
thanks for sharing with us
Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is the essential component for Google to communicate with website admins (Or Webmasters). Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tool lets you distinguish issues with your webpage and can even update you regarding whether your site has been tainted with malware or not.
Google Webmaster Tools is a really valuable instrument for SEO. It gives you at a glance data about all important SEO aspects of a site, such as keywords, links, crawl errors, etc. If you don't use it already, take the time and get familiar with it ‐ it will help you get better rankings for sure.
Google Search Console is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. As of May 20, 2015, Google rebranded Google Webmaster Tools as Google Search Console.

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