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What is the difference between personal and business page?

Can anybody explain what is the difference between a personal & a business page in facebook?

Thanks in advance
Personal account allows a maximum of 5000 connections. But a business page can have unlimited fans/likes. You can add friends with your personal account, but can't add friends using your business page.
That's the difference between personal & business page.
What is connections?
Here in facebook, connection means total friends & pages your are connected with.
Suppose you have 4500 friends & You have liked 500 pages. That means you have total 5000 connections. Now you can't add any friends or like any new pages untill you remove old friends or pages.
Well said @hoxtube
A personal page in facebook is opened to gain the likes of fans of an individual person/celebrity etc.but when a page is opened for a business purpose, people put the pictures of their products that they want to sell to represent n front of the buyers along with the price tag...anybody willing to buy can order these via comment or message..sometimes business pages are opened for advertisemen

facebook page
As Facebook created, clients saw the utilisation and advantages for advancing an "open" profile for people or business, bunches, causes and so forth. Along these lines, Facebook clients the chance to create extra pages to their own profiles, by which they could share business or expert data without trading off their individual points of interest. Also, significantly, Business pages on Facebook have entry to examinations , advancements and focused on promoting . Subsequently many individuals in business think that its helpful to have a page to advance their business on Facebook. Be that as it may, Facebook is not proper for everybody; LinkedIn is the essential web-based social networking stage for experts and agents to interface with others. Clients have an individual, profile, which empowers them to report their expert data, aptitudes, learning, and experience; they can then interface and system with other significant experts Moreover, a large portion of the general population on LinkedIn additionally need to advance their business so LinkedIn has the office to create Company pages. Organisation pages additionally have the office to advance pages and presents and on break down the span of the page.
Your personal profile, on the other hand, is just about you. It’s where you update your friends.
If you are an individual using Facebook to communicate with strangers, you should use a Page and encourage people to like it
Personal page is meant for your personal pings and sharing, while Business page is mainly created for the promotion of your business

A personal page in Facebook is opened to gain the likes of fans of an individual person/celebrity etc. but when a page is opened for a business purpose, people put the pictures of their products that’s means Business page is mainly created for the promotion of their business.

A personal account on Facebook is a place where you can add friends and relatives, communicate on a personal level, and share photos, videos, and life updates.
A business page that represents a company or organization. A business page allows businesses to promote specials and
contests to fans or followers who have engaged with their page by “liking and sharing" it. Having a Page also allows businesses to use Facebook advertisements. There is no limit to the number of Pages you can manage.

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