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What is the difference between bounce rate and exit rate?
What is the difference between bounce rate and exit rate?
Bounce Rate: the percentage of visitors to a particular site who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Exit Rate: For all page views to the page, Exit Rate is the percentage that were the last in the session. For all sessions that start with the page, Bounce Rate is the percentage that were the only one of the session. Bounce Rate for a page is based only on sessions that start with that page.
A high bounce rate on a home page is usually a sign that something is wrong. But again, ensure you have a close look at the sources and keywords that are driving traffic. You might have a very low bounce rate for few keywords and very high for others. Maybe you’re getting a lot of StumbleUpon traffic which, by its very nature, has a high bounce rate.

Exit rate is the percentage of people who left your site from that page. Exits may have viewed more than one page in a session. That means they may not have landed on that page, but simply found their way to it through site navigation.
BOUNCE Rate is the percentage of visitors that hit your website on a given page and then leaves your site without visiting any other pages.

EXIT Rate is the percentage of visitors that leave your site from a given page based on the without visiting any other page.

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