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What is domain authority?
People say my domain authority is 25, some says mine 50. But what is domain authority?
Domain Authority is consisted of 3 types of data.
1. Domains age,
2. Size,
3. Popularity.

Domain's age is a great factor in domain authority. Because new sites are being created very frequently, but most of them falls down, only few websites remain active. It happens for different reasons. So, domain's age is a great factor for domain authority.

The size specially refers how many pages a site have. It's an important factor in domain authority.

In domains, popularity means inbound links. If a site has lots of inbound links, that means it have really some resources. That's also an important factor of domain authority.
Domain Authority-many domains are linked to different pages on your site.

Having relevant keywords in your domain name will also boost domain authority.
Also, .com has more authority than any other extension (relatively).
Here, if you have time, read this:,59.0.html
I don't get it, what is that means?
What is the size should be? I Domain age and popularity I know, but what about size?
If anyone have brief and clear answer of that question so please share with us then we better understand about domain authority ?
1. Domains age,
2. Traffic,
3. Popularity.
ps: You can check doamin authority checker to get PA and DA your website
It's a MOZ concept of denoting the Domains age, Traffic estimations and popularity throughout the Internet.
(08-13-2014, 05:04 PM)herizalmamin Wrote:  I don't get it, what is that means?

Bro, in simple words, domain authority is nothing but a metrics of measuring the quality of your domain and it's back links, it is from SEOMOZ as far as I know. You can check it by adding a moz bar in your browser as a plugin. It is also a perception that if you build link in low DA sites there are chances to be penalized by some of the Google Updates. If I am wrong please, correct me.
Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors.
It is more like a page rank now since page rank is not anymore relevant.
Authority is the new thing.
you can use or to check domain authority
Domain Authority-many domains are linked to different pages on your site.
Nice Question put up..!!

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