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What is Web Development?
Thanks for sharing information.............


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A web developer would be responsible for using various components like the engine, transmission, wheels, etc. to construct a fully-functional car that is error-free in its technical aspects.
Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications (or just 'web apps') electronic businesses, and social network services. A more comprehensive list of tasks to which web development commonly refers, may include web engineering, web design, web content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development. Among web professionals, "web development" usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding. Most recently Web development has come to mean the creation of content management systems or CMS. These CMS can be made from scratch, proprietary or open source. In broad terms the CMS acts as middleware between the database and the user through the browser. A principle benefit of a CMS is that it allows non-technical people to make changes to their web site without having technical knowledge.

For larger organizations and businesses, web development teams can consist of hundreds of people (web developers) and follow standard methods like Agile methodologies while developing websites. Smaller organizations may only require a single permanent or contracting developer, or secondary assignment to related job positions such as a graphic designer or information systems technician. Web development may be a collaborative effort between departments rather than the domain of a designated department. There are three kinds of web developer specialization: front-end developer, back-end developer, and full-stack developer.
(01-11-2017, 06:35 PM)jason william Wrote:  The definition of Web Development: Among net professionals, "web development" sometimes refers to the foremost non-design aspects of building net sites: writing markup and cryptography. last net development has returned to mean the creation of content management systems or CMS.

Web Development Tools: They are entirely completely utterly totally different from informatics system builders and day in that they're doing not assist at intervals the direct creation of an internet page, rather they are tools used for testing the user-facing interface of net web site web|an online site and data processor or net application. net development tools come as browser add-ons or intimate selections in net browsers.

Some tools List Under The Below:
1. IDEs and Web Editors.
2. Web Browser Tools.
3. Testing & Diagnostics (Debugging, Performance) Tools.
4. Web Optimization Tools.

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Thank you so much.

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