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What is Voyage Century Online?
[Image: voyagecentury3.jpg]

Voyage Century Online is a client-based historical MMORPG available on register w88. Players take control of a character that can pick from five professions: Royal Military Officer, Imperial Guardian, Caribbean Pirate, Treasure Hunter m88 and Armed Businessman, each focusing on specific aspects of the game to suit different play styles and roles within the game world, although the character’s class does not necessarily limit the player into the recommended role.

Players can level a variety of skills, from individual weapon skills, to bartering and ship building skills that are leveled up with experience, none of which are tied to the player’s profession, allowing the player free reign on how they choose to play. Characters can fight on land and at sea through the online baccarat malaysia MMORPG-style combat and its unique ship combat system that allows players to board enemy ships or sink them. Voyage Century is one of the few nautical MMOs along with Uncharted Waters Online and Pirates of the Burning Sea.
Voyage Century Key Features

- Five classes – Pick a class and gain access to a plethora of unique abilities, then customize your skills to make your character unique. Play as a Royal Military Officer, Emperor Guardian, Caribbean Pirate, Treasure Hunter or Armed Businessman.
- Auto Battle - Game has an auto battle system that plays the game for you, similar to many web based MMORPGs.
- Customizable Skills – Pick from 17 different skills to customize your gameplay experience, allowing you to fight, collect and produce in unique ways.
- Open world PvP – Fight other players on land or at sea, but beware of notoriety points that send you to jail.
- City-to-City Trading – Take the role of trader and move from port to port, buying and selling goods to make a large profit, taking advantage of bartering skills to create huge multi-player trading fleets that fight off greedy pirates.
- World exploration – Travel all over the world to find rare and unique treasures, fighting animals, sinking ships, authenticating plants and completing quests on the way.
- PvE Instances – Tackle 22 different PvE instances for unique loot, which take place both on land and on the sea.

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