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What are the positive aspects of wordpress
hello friends,
can any one tell me What are the positive aspects of wordpress??

WordPress is the Number 1 CMS (Content Management System) that is free and can be installed on your own web server platform. It can be extended and modified into limitless possibilities without licensing issues. WordPress powered more than 60% of the top websites on the world wide web.

It can be configured and online in about 20 minutes!

Some of the positive features of WordPress:

Ease of Publishing
Search Engine Friendly right out of the box
Flexibility with an endless supply of Plugins
Super Easy installation and Upgrades
Several importers
Thousands of free and premium themes to choose from
Built-in Comments System
Multilingual support - comes in 70 languages
Fantastic Media Management
One of the largest Support Communities online
Nice application platform for application interfacing

For me Wordpress is the best CMS. It is very customizable, has easy installation, has a lots of plugin for adding more function, it is important properties. Also it has a large collection of themes, that makes your work faster. I often use them. My favorite are Divi, Avada and Monstroid. They all coded by Templatemonster. Here is a review about Divi and Monstroid "Divi 3 VS Monstroid 2: The Great Showdown" - https://www.templatemonster.com/blog/divi-3-vs-monstroid2-the-great-showdown/ you can read the descriptions and comments from users.

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