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What are the 3 types of programming errors?

What are the 3 types of programming errors?

The 3 Basic Types of Programming Errors:

1) Logical Errors- Logical errors are the hardest of all error types to detect.
2) Syntax Errors- Syntax errors in computer programming differ from logical errors in that they don’t follow a correct sequence in the computer language.
3) Semantic Errors- Semantic errors are improper uses of “program statements.”

Hi Friend,
The 3 Basic Types of Programming Errors

1. Logical Errors
2. Syntax Errors
3. Semantic Errors

-Semantic errors have to do with meaning/context. It’s like using the wrong word in the wrong place in a human language sentence. A computer language example would be confusing a metric with an imperial input value.
-Syntax errors are like “spelling and grammar” problems. They often stem from typos where parentheses or single characters are input incorrectly.
-Logic errors have to due with program flow. If you get a wrong operation or a misordered operation, it’s probably a logical error. Use of a wrong conditional operator or null reference errors are good examples.

In C++ compiler there are three types of errors are shown

Syntax errors
logical errors
linker errors

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